Loving comics doesn't mean ignoring their problems

This is a space for nerds and feminists who are tired of sexism in comic books and the community surrounding them and the mansplaining that accompanies it. Recently, I've expanded to talking about other aspects of Nerd Culture like Video Games. Share your stories, experiences.
Before you ask: Yes I am MORE than aware that there are companies other than the Big 2.

Dear men in the comic book community, I would like to propose a question to you. Many of you were labelled and bullied early on in life. Called a nerd, became an outcast, almost a common origin story in our community. And I’m sorry. Kids are really cruel. But here’s the deal. I know a lot of girl* nerds who were bullied, who were outcast, the same as you. But you welcome the male nerds into your fold, not the ladies. Why is that? Why, if I wear a deadpool Tshirt am I questioned on the names of all the titles he’s been in and his writers suspiciously, but my male friend wearing the same shirt is bro-fisted? Why when I want to dress up as Supergirl for a convention is it assumed I must be doing it for male attention (which supposedly I hate also?) and get treated like a piece of meat, but if a dude dresses up as he-man it’s just a costume? Why am I a fake geek to you? Why do you bully lady nerds like you were bullied? Fuck your misogyny. I love comic books and no matter how hard you and the industry seem to be trying to push me out I will stay right here (while trying to fix the misogyny in the industry I love). You can’t just shove me in a refrigerator. Sorry. Female nerds are here and we’re here to stay. Love, A disgruntled female nerd

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