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This is a space for nerds and feminists who are tired of sexism in comic books and the community surrounding them and the mansplaining that accompanies it. Recently, I've expanded to talking about other aspects of Nerd Culture like Video Games. Share your stories, experiences.
Before you ask: Yes I am MORE than aware that there are companies other than the Big 2.

Warner Bros. Digital Division Announces "Static Shock" Live-Action Project - Comic Book Resources




I REALLY hope we might get to see more Milestone characters appear in this series too!

< Holding out hope for live action Donner and Blitzen, being fabulous and awesome canon lesbians <3

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hakasims asked: Thank you for your answer, it was very helpful. I'm glad that I'm not the only one who thinks like that. (I started to feel there was something wrong with me, since the Wonder Woman movie is a pretty big deal, and I MUST be happy about it.) I'll try to concentrate on good stuff. Thank you :)

You’re not alone, I promise <3



DC needs a BOP book. COMICS needs bop book.

I want it to come back with a spectacular team, like the LUMBERJANES team.

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Pointing out Marvel Studios’ lack of on-screen diversity is nowhere near a new phenomenon. As ComicsAlliance’s Andrew Wheeler has memorably pointed out, “If Marvel makes Thor 3 [as its first 2017 release], it will have made ten movies headlined by blond white men named Chris before it makes one movie headlined by someone who isn’t even white.” While not besmirching the talent or integrity of Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth and Chris Pratt, that’s taking lack of diversity to admirably comic levels.

Additionally, the studio’s lack of a movie with a female lead — specifically, a Black Widow feature starring Scarlett Johansson, although fans would also accept a Captain Marvel movie, or even a Squirrel Girl one by this point — has been commented on to such an extent that Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige recently weighed in, saying that he “very much believe[s] in doing it” in concept. “I hope we do it sooner rather than later,” he added at the time, while simultaneously pointing out that Marvel’s ongoing successful franchises make finding slots for new characters and concepts challenging.

That is somewhat of a smokescreen, in terms of excuses. As this summer’s Guardians of the Galaxy shows, Marvel has no problem introducing new characters and concepts — in fact, we’re due to have one per year for the next couple of years, with Ant-Man coming next year and Doctor Strange landing in 2016. In both of those cases, however, Marvel is sticking closely to white male leads. (Admittedly, the lead role in Doctor Strange is not cast, and it’s not impossible that Marvel will choose to break with tradition and cast a non-white male as its Sorcerer Supreme — but, given some of the actors rumored to have been considered for the role, that doesn’t look likely.)

Of course, there’s still an obvious opportunity for Marvel to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat on the subject of diversity in casting. Both Wonder Woman and Sony’s mystery Spider-Man project are scheduled (in the latter case, rumored) for 2017 release, and Marvel has an unnamed project scheduled for release May 5 of that year — almost two months before the June 23 bow for Wonder Woman. What if it snuck in a female-led movie just under the wire in order to be “first”?

Similarly, Aquaman isn’t due until July 2018, and there are three unknown Marvel projects scheduled before then. Black Panther, Falcon or even an upgrade from Netflix to theaters for Luke Cage could help Marvel become the first studio to put a superhero of color on the big screen since 2008’s Hancock — if it wanted to.

That, ultimately, is what this comes down to: what Marvel wants to do. As arguably the most successful movie studio around these days, and one that has demonstrated no problem in convincing mainstream audiences to accept a dancing tree and a talking raccoon as heroes, it’s not a question of whether Marvel could make a movie with a woman or person of color in the lead role, or even could make such a movie a hit. It’s a question of whether that’s something that the studio is interested in doing. Whenever Marvel announces its next projects — something which may be sooner than later, given this week’s Warner Bros. schedule announcement — we’ll get the answer to that question.

hakasims asked: I want to be excited about Wonder Woman and Cyborg, but I'm actually depressed because it's the same people making decisions as on Man of Steel, and Zack Snyder will have his hands on WW at least three times. I'm also depressed that Marvel announced fucking Civil War instead of a Black Widow or a Black Panther movie. I'll definitely support the female-led and PoC-led movies from DC but how do I get excited? What do I do? How do I get hopeful again? Please help me

Sorry this ask has taken me so long. I have been really thinking on this ask. It’s really hard to get excited when you have been let down so much, I know. And the best answer I have is this: don’t think about the bad stuff, like MCU doing a bad job at female/poc rep (btw Civil War isn’t confirmed yet so hold on to that!) or Zack Snyder working on three WW-related movies. Think about how the WW, Cyborg, and Shazam movies haven’t had writers/directors announced yet, so we could get really good writers/directors. Think about how Stan Lee has said MCU is developing a Black Panther movie and how now that their main Superhero film rivals have slated comic movies with POC and Women as leads, the Disney/Marvel studios are going to start feeling the pressure to do the same. Also don’t forget they have a bunch of slotted movies they haven’t announced the titles of yet, so its possible they are planning a female-led or poc-led movie and haven’t announced it as yet. I know it is REALLY REALLY hard to stay positive and hopeful when we have been constantly fucked over by this community (especially by the studios and the publishers), but thinking positivelty is the only way I see to keep up my positivity and stay excited. It may not work for you (which is totally valid, we shouldn’t HAVE to stop thinking about the bad stuff like Zack Snyder being in charge of movies involving Wonder Woman), but I hope I kind of helped?


WOCTOBERFEST—[3/?][free for all day]

miiyahbin and alanna friendship (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ 
↳"maybe it was our destiny to meet up here.
to meet the justice league."

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Since NYCC…


…I have become obsessed with the idea of a Tiffany Fox, Batgirl of the Future comic. I think twelve year old Tiff, with allies the League of Batgirls, could be huge.

She’s twelve. She has pink nunchucks.

And she’s Batgirl.

Man, I would read that.

I would read the heck out of that comic

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I’m so happy that Spider-Gwen and Silk are getting ongoings ahhhhhhhhhhh